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24 Hour Recovery® Experiences

Experiences from Real Patients

Dear Terrye and Kari

I hope you are both well! Just wanted to get in touch and let you know how I’m doing. First of all I cannot believe that it has only been two weeks since I came to your office and actually met you in person! I was so nervous but all of you made me feel very welcome and relaxed so thank you. It is still incredibly surreal to me that I travelled to Dallas to have surgery, I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it!

After the surgery when I got back to my hotel we followed the rules to the letter! I was woken up after sleeping for 2 hours (really didn’t want to but luckily my friend was following the rules!), ate a sandwich, drank a fizzy drink and then took my ibuprofen which was then followed with the first set of arm raises at which point I started to feel more awake and stopped wanting to go back to sleep! I had showered and washed my hair by 4pm, and after your call Terrye I started doing the arm raises every 15 minutes instead of 30 while getting dressed and made up before leaving the hotel at 5pm. We went out for dinner and drinks and I kept disappearing to the bathroom every 15 mins to do the arm raises (people must have thought I had a very weak bladder!) we walked around McKinney avenue and went to a couple of different places and didn’t go back to the hotel till late! Although I took a sleeping pill, I didn’t sleep great but think that was an adrenaline thing but the next day got up, showered and started my arm raises again before getting a cab to the office for my follow-up. After that I walked back to my hotel The Fairmont, not at my usual fast pace but not bad and a fairly good distance!

The rest of Saturday was spent at one of the parks sampling the food trucks as well as resting as I was very tired and was struggling with the heat! Not used to that kind of weather in London!! That evening though we took a cab to Deep Ellum and went out for dinner and drinks and watched the world go by! And I kept doing my arm raises at every opportunity! I took a sleeping pill that night and slept much better. We flew to Phoenix on Sunday morning, went to a baseball game and spent the next few days sightseeing and relaxing. I arrived back in London on Friday and was back to work on Monday. I haven’t taken any sleeping pills since the day after surgery and just finished all my ibuprofen this week as I didn’t feel the need to take it three times a day after the first two days but made sure to take it at least once a day until they were all gone as instructed. I completed the course of antibiotics too of course.

So far I have been having all kind of strange sensations and different areas are feeling tight and uncomfortable but I’m guessing that is all pretty normal, after all it’s only been two weeks. Sometimes they feel like a sunburn that’s just been scratched, other times it’s like there is a ball of tightness inside one or both of them and sometimes the nipple sensitivity is really uncomfortable!! At the moment the main tightness is just under the incisions in my rib cage and the sides of my rib cage under my arms still feel bruised. I’m discovering muscles I never knew I had as certain movements cause discomfort! I drive a manual car and putting the car into reverse can be uncomfortable for example or using a hole-puncher! There are also areas where it is still sort of numb. Does all of that sound pretty normal? My tapes are still on and not showing any signs of lifting off yet, should I remove them now?

Although I have only been wearing tank tops with support or bandeau tops since the surgery, as my period is due I’m feeling the need for more support so wearing a non-wired soft sports bra now. I am also still doing arm raises as I just find them really helpful.

They don’t quite feel like mine yet but I am in love with them so far and apart from the sensations/discomfort hoping they don’t change too much!!



I have been meaning to send you an email all week. Sorry it has taken me so long to check in. My healing has been nothing short of awesome. Please tell Dr. Tebbetts that he is truly an artist!!!! His work is amazing. I am thrilled with the size of my breast. Just as you promised, they are perfect!!! You, Dr. Tebbetts, and your staff have been amazing and I have been blessed to have been a patient there with you all. I cannot wait to visit again next year for a follow-up appointment and only wish that I was closer so that I could see y’all more often. If you have any out-of-town patients that want to talk with someone who has been a part of Dr. Tebbetts’ 24 hour rapid recovery, please feel free to give them my name and number. It has been a privilege to be patient of Dr. Tebbetts!!!!


Dear Terrye,

Hello. I just wanted to check in with the office. Today is my six week point and I want to make sure I am good to move on without restrictions. I believe I can now….swim, tan, anything else? Can I wear an under-wire bra, or should I wait three months for that. Also, when would you like me to come back into the office for a follow up?

I also just wanted to tell you how wonderful everything has gone! I am still amazed that I had implant surgery and that it was only six weeks ago! I have had no problems at all. My kids didn’t even know that I had undergone major surgery. I was able to pick up the two year old right away and simply side tracked the question with my 3 and half year old. It was so easy! Both my husband and I are very pleased with the results! Dr. Tebbetts is a genius and so very talented. My scar is minimal and my size is perfect! I never imagined, in my last 15 years of life as I dreamed about a chest, that it would be this easy and perfect! I feel very blessed to have found you, Dr. Tebbetts, and the rest of the staff! I guess I should be thankful for Google as well, since it lead the way:) You all really are making dreams come true in the most realistic and natural way possible! I want to tell everyone about it….but then don’t want to reveal my secret to perfect strangers!

That is my summary. All is great, tightness almost gone, no pangs of pain. They look great and are starting to feel like mine!

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Dear Terrye,

I want to send belated but sincere holiday wishes to you and Dr. Tebbetts, with a great big thank you to you and your whole team for an amazing transformational surgery experience thus far. I enjoy consulting your magnificent book nearly daily as my guide for continued recovery. That brilliant book is worth its weight in gold–each time I pick it up, I find new wisdom contained within.

I am feeling really well, having enjoyed a true 24 hour recovery, as well as a fabulous time in Dallas/Fort Worth. Thank you for accommodating my advance request to schedule a surgery date during time off from work that would allow for travel and sight-seeing, too. Not sure how I’d feel afterwards, I was amazed to really feel like going out and doing things right from the evening following surgery. My husband and I loved exploring the area each day we were there, including going to Northpark Mall the evening of surgery. We actually succeeded in leaving home for a “vacation” in Dallas/Fort Worth, and returned home with no one the wiser! We even saw old friends while there who never realized I was 48 hours post surgery!

I regard my decision for BA to be a deeply personal and private choice, representing fulfillment of my desire for a “normal” appearance-one substantially unchanged to most people because of the amount of padding I had always previously worn. The only people to whom I have chosen to disclose my BA are my husband, my two daughters, my physician and a close friend.

From the start of this journey my husband has been such a tremendous support and helper for me, providing a nice role reversal/rebalancing in our relationship. We are both EXTREMELY pleased with my results already. Whatever “dropping and fluffing” happens will just be icing on the cake! Over the weekend my husband and I saw the movie “Burlesque”. For the first time I was able to feel joy instead of shame, realizing, “Hey, I’ve got a pair of breasts, too!”

It is absolutely liberating for me to be able to wear clothes I already own without having to put on my padded bra “armor” (which was actually less natural than BA, in my opinion). Thus far since my BA I have gone braless or worn a camisole and my shape is already amazing. Believe me, I would never have dared going braless before, without drawing stares at my notably “concave” appearance. It is now fun to contemplate future shopping adventures! Having womanly proportional breasts unleashes in me a sense of liberation and confidence that I can’t find words to adequately express (rare for me!). BA truly is a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experience that I profoundly appreciate in unexpected ways. I expect that you know better than I do, just how important your work is in helping women to achieve transformation that allows their inner and external self images to match up.

All along I have believed that my BA process would unfold if and how it was supposed to, with my responsibility being just to do my part–“Nothing ventured, nothing gained”. As I waited pre-op I intentionally chilled out, praying and meditating on that belief. I was very happy and relieved when it all went so extremely well. I hope that my process of physical recovery continues as it has to date. I am following your instructions closely and doing everything possible in hopes of avoiding problems over time.

My gratitude for your work is immeasurable! I want to encourage you to always remember that each woman you treat is uniquely special, and that you are helping her to fulfill a precious dream. Your work is deeply personal, important and you set glorious standards for it. Both you, Terrye, and you, Dr. Tebbetts, inspired my husband’s and my confidence by being fully present with us. Considering that you see thousands of patients, this is an invaluable quality that you bring to your work. You helped us to know that I was in capable, caring hands.
So I hope you will continue to do what you do so well and to also leave a legacy beyond your selves, among providers of this care. I thank you and your team from the bottom of my heart!

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Dear Terrye and Kathleen,

I wanted to take a moment and let you know how happy I am with my surgery from Dr. Tebbetts one week post-op. I honestly cannot believe how smoothly my recovery went. I read the book. I talked to Dr. Tebbetts. I did research for months and have wanted this for years and was still in the back of my mind not fully convinced that it would be so relatively painless. He is a genius and I could not be happier with my breasts. I have known many women who’ve had this surgery and their recoveries were full of pain and drains and bandages. No one can believe how easily I have recovered.
Besides the recovery, I LOVE my new breasts!! I know they will be even more beautiful a few months down the road when they settle and become what they will be long term. They are gorgeous and fit my body. I feel like I have regained my femininity, which was lost after pregnancy and nearly two years of nursing. Doesn’t hurt that my husband is also crazy about them! 😉

Please give my best to everyone in the office and especially Dr. Tebbetts. If you are ever looking for someone to write a testimonial, I’m happy to do that. I wish you all a very happy holiday season filled with love and peace.

Thank you again for everything!

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Hi Terrye,

I just wanted to thank you, Dr. Tebbetts, and your wonderful staff for taking great care of me in Dallas! The girls look great already!! I can’t believe I had my surgery only 6 days ago. Tom and I are very pleased with the result and am happy to be on a quick road to recovery.

I have to admit that I am very thankful that you strongly encourage getting active so soon after the surgery. Even though I didn’t feel like I had the energy after getting up from my 2 hr nap, eating, taking my Ibuprofen, showering and doing the arm exercises; I forced myself to get out of the hotel room and go to the mall. I seriously thought to myself maybe 1 store to get a couple things to cover the girls up at work… but I’ll tell you after getting into the fit room, doing the arm exercises, and trying on clothes I felt 100x better. I came out of the store – shopping bag in hand – and told Tom I’m ready to do more… and each store I felt even better. It was all about getting my arms moving ABOVE MY HEAD that really loosened me up.

I felt so great after the mall that we went across the street to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner and a drink! Yes an alcoholic beverage to celebrate the new additions!!

The flight home on Saturday was good…better than the one in… just had to get my arms moving as soon as we landed and immediate relief. I’ve been staying busy and active ever since… making sure I don’t go overboard or feel pain. Sunday I cleaned the house and got settled back in as well as another trek to the mall and grocery shopping.

And work has been great the last 3 days! No one’s even noticed (of course I’m wearing 3 layers to keep the headlights at bay). I think all the arm exercises have encouraged the girls to start dropping and softening up. Every day I can see a big improvement and think I’m finally starting to see my waistline again! I’m very thankful after reading the other women’s stories on the forum that I went with Dr. Tebbetts and the 24 hour recovery. I don’t think I could’ve handled it any other way knowing what I know now!

Thanks tremendously! Will keep you posted in the weeks ahead!

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Going into surgery, I had what I would consider a “normal” level of nervousness. I felt confident that it would go well, but even after reading about the “24 hour recovery plan,” I was still a little unsure. I’ve seen hundreds of patients go through procedures that were less invasive than breast augmentation and they still came out in a pretty good amount of pain. I went in for my procedure on a Friday morning; I left pre-op to go to the OR around 1pm. After surgery, I went back to my hotel and took a 2 hour nap, as instructed. When I woke up, I ate a real meal and took an Ibuprofen before starting my arm exercises. I was sore, which was expected, but it was no worse than if I hadn’t worked out in a few weeks and then pushed myself really hard at the gym — just a great deal of tightness more than “pain.” I was able to go to Northpark by 7pm and walk around and try on clothes that night without a problem. I was amazed, and so were several of my friends who have had the procedure done in the past (with MUCH longer recovery times). It took 3 or 4 days before I could comfortably sleep on my side, but other than that I could do everything I needed to in order to get around on my own. I came back to Houston, where I live alone, on Sunday, less than 48 hours after surgery and had no problems at all getting around, driving, lifting, etc. I would reccommend Dr. Tebbetts to anyone — he knows what he’s doing and has the procedure and recovery down to an art!

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I just want to thank you Terrye, Dr. Tebbetts and your entire staff for the wonderful experience that I have had so far after my Augmentation.
My cousin Andrea was my surgery buddy and after leaving your office we went straight home. She put me in bed and I fell right to sleep. I was woken up after two hours of sleep and Andrea and my fiancé got me out of bed and into the living room to eat. I was amazed at how easy it was to get up and actually eat a full meal only two hours after my surgery.

After eating we followed the instructions to a “T”. The arm raises do feel really good and help tremendously with the soreness (which really isn’t bad at all). A few close friends and co workers of mine had come over and could not believe that I was sitting up, eating and talking like nothing had ever happened. It was unbelievable that I had surgery that day and no one would have known. I did the dishes, some laundry and gave my dogs a bath. I even walked around my neighborhood that night with my dogs (I didn’t hold the leashed though….they are too strong for me). I took a shower and went to bed around mid night and slept like a rock.

Saturday morning I got right up and took a warm shower (which felt great) and got myself dressed and headed out the door for my follow up. It was really nice to sit in the waiting room with the other women who just went through the same experience that I did the day before. We all were amazed at how easy it was and everybody was on the same page. Everyone in the room all got out and did something. It was great!

After my follow up, my fiancé and I went to two places to complete our wedding registries. We went to dinner and a movie. I kept up with my stretches, had good full meals and took my meds as directed and felt great. I slept great once again without the sleep aid. Sunday I got up and took a warm shower and went out the door to pick up a birthday gift for my friends son and went to his birthday party. Everyone there could not believe that I was there and moving around without any problems or signs of surgery. They thought I looked great and some of them didn’t even know that I had an augmentation.

They said that they looked so natural and were a great fit for my body. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome and I am so glad that I waited 10 years and did my research! Thank You again for such a great experience! I would do this all over again hands down!

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Good afternoon Terrye,

I just wanted to let you know I cant believe it has been two weeks from today that I have had my surgery. I’m still amazed at how well the surgery went. I remember talking to you that night after surgery and how well I sounded and couldn’t believe I went out to dinner that night and felt fine. The next day I went out shopping and then to eat lunch on a patio. I have followed everything on the pink sheet you gave me and love the outcome. Anyways, I just wanted to touch base with you, and I will keep you posted if I need anything else.

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24 Hour Recovery ~ Waiting Eight Years for Breast Augmentation

Terrye –

Thank you so much for being such a great advisor and wonderful person! When I first came to you about eight years ago I was devastated when you advised me against going ahead with implants. Now I am so thankful that I waited until after having my babies. I firmly believe that had I gone to see
anyone else eight years ago they would have given me implants in a heartbeat and the results wouldn’t have been nearly as good as they are now.
As you know, I am eight days post-op now and I would have written earlier but I’ve been too busy! I never believed the recovery would be so easy. I went to work the day after surgery without any issues and have been doing everything I normally do (except lifting my 45 lb daughter and running). On the other hand, I was able to lift my younger daughter (25 lbs) right away. My girls don’t even know I had surgery…amazing!
I have so much respect for and confidence in you, Dr. Tebbetts and your practice that I really didn’t feel any stress leading up to the surgery. I agonized over choosing a surgeon, which was silly because I always felt at home with you, but once I decided I knew I made the right decision and was able to relax.

Now, for how I look…I’m looking forward to seeing my breasts after the “dropping and fluffing” but even if they stayed like they are right now I’m thrilled! Implants actually aren’t common in my circle of friends and everyone is amazed at how great they look. Definitely not the look that comes to mind when you say boob job!

Thank you for everything!

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24 Hour Recovery and the BUSY Mother continued…

I am so happy with my recovery experience following my BA with Dr. Tebbetts! I was taking care of my 7 month old, 3 year old, and 7 year old the day following my surgery. I went to the grocery store, took my daughters to dance class, and went out to dinner the day after my surgery. I think my husband is so surprised at how quickly I have been able to get back to normal, day to day activity! I highly recommend Dr. Tebbetts and his staff to anyone considering BA. You will not regret it!

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24 Hour Recovery ~ An 18 month old, The Grocery Store & A Charity Ball!
If you are wanting a BA and you want the best Doctor and staff then Dr. Tebbetts is the right choice for you.
You MUST read the book and follow the recovery instructions, thanks to my sister (Nurse Ratchet) who made me follow the recovery instructions. She had me at the grocery store 4 hours later, loading my own groceries and pushing my cart. I picked up my 18 month old when I walked in the door from my surgery. Even attended a Charity Ball in formal attire the night of my BA!

Dr. Tebbetts has given busy mothers who don’t have time for a long recovery, a way to improve themselves without feeling guilty about disrupting the family due to a long recovery.

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A True Test of 24 Hour Recovery ~ hosting your 3 yr olds birthday party the day after your BA!

If you are thinking about Breast Augmentation and care enough to be an informed patient, then this is the book for you. I read Dr. Tebbetts book and when I had my consultation, the book had already answered most of my questions. I had an idea of what I wanted and what to expect. It is a definite MUST read if you are considering Breast Augmentation.

And for those who are wondering if “24 hour recovery” is a reality… I had my son’s 3rd birthday party the very next day after my surgery. I am a believer!

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After researching for months I stumbled upon Dr. Tebbetts book, The Best Breast 2; several people recommended reading this book “before” having breast augmentation. I did just that! After all the research I had done I thought I knew quite a bit about augmentation, that was until I read the book published by Dr. Tebbetts. This book gave me a whole new insight on everything from choosing the implant all the way to recovery. Once I read this book I knew I couldn’t settle for any less than the man himself who wrote the book, it just made that much sense, so much sense I was willing to travel from Ohio to Texas!

I will admit that the 24 hour recovery still had me a little skeptical, I assumed this was a best case scenario recovery, not a typical recovery.
I called and scheduled my augmentation for Friday, Feb. 26. In the meantime I was in contact with the office several times and they were excellent at answering any questions I had and was extremely attentitive.

Terrye is very knowledgable and prompt! She was a dream when it came to getting answers and getting them promptly.
On Wednesday I flew from Ohio to Texas and on Thursday I had my consult with Dr. Tebbetts. This was my first encounter with the doctor and he was everything I was expecting and more. He is extremely caring, compassionate, a straight forward kind of guy with a sense of humor. I instantly felt safe and secure!

Dr. Tebbetss did his measuring and assured me that I would be in great hands. The next day I reported to his office at my scheduled time and was taken back just a few minutes later. My IV was started, I was given something to relax me and I was taken across to the surgery suite…that’s all I remember until I woke up in the recovery room.

After waking up in recovery I was asked to lift my arms over my head, without bending my elbows…what a breeze! I couldn’t believe it, I could do it! I was taken back to my hotel room where I took a two hour nap as advised. After waking I ate the meal my boyfriend had picked up for me and took a Motrin. After eating I took a shower which included washing my own hair and I felt so great I even shaved my legs and all. I dryed and straightened my hair, did my makeup, got dressed and headed to the mall. I walked and shopped the mall for a few hours and the only reason I went back to my room was because things were closing. I was truly amazed, their 24 hour recovery was not a best case scenario as I had presumed, it was real, it was happening to me.

The next day I returned to the office for a 24 hour check-up and all was well. That day I took my 5 year old to the World Aquarium (less than 24 hours after surgery) and then to the Forth Worth Zoo and then to downtown Fort Worth where we spent hours; eating, shopping and going to the rodeos. All this only 24 hours after surgery and I felt great.

Monday I made the trip home and I’ve been doing wonderful. I have even been lucky enough to not have any swelling or water weight gain that a lot of gals complain about. In fact, I’ve not hadny of the problems that these poor girls who go through a “traditional” augmentation complain about. I would not have done this any other way!

Dr. Tebbetts is real, he is knowledgable and cares about his patients, that’s why he has developed this technique and it’s why you should use him. His staff and his wife rate just as high! No disappointments! My boyfriend who is as skeptical as they come was extremely pleased with not only with the staff and the procedure, but with my recovery and the outcome.

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I am one of those gals that falls into the category of When Nature Misses a Beat, for those of you who have read “The Best Breast” book by Dr. John and Terrye Tebbetts. I never fully developed. It was as if my breasts started puberty and then stopped. So ever since I was a teenager, breast augmentation was always something I thought I may one day have.

When I was in my late 20s, I went to a plastic surgeon upon the recommendation of an aerobics instructor who obviously had implants. The doctor’s staff was very unprofessional, commenting on how small my breasts were. The doctor wasn’t much better, offering implants to stuff
into my bra to determine what size I would like to be. Needless to say, I wasn’t sold on that surgeon. So I took to the internet to do some research and stumbled upon the book “The Best Breast.”

After reading that book in 2000, I decided that I would postpone having surgery. The book was very detailed, and I learned a great deal about the options available to me. However, for several reasons, I decided that I should probably wait. Fast forward nearly ten years. The desire for breasts to balance out my figure never went away, so I went back to the internet to see if there was an updated version of the book. Sure enough, there was a second edition. The book contained even more information than the first edition. But best of all, the options and the procedure had improved
significantly since the publication of the first book. I read the book cover to cover and then went about trying to find a surgeon, armed with the interview tools from the book.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the 24 hour recovery and implant options I desired were not available in my area, so I called Dr. Tebbetts office. I already felt as if I knew him from his book and website. His staff was incredibly professional and polite. I scheduled my telephone interview with his co-author, patient educator and spouse, Terrye, for a couple weeks later. I already felt quite educated from reading the book, but I did have a rather long list of questions that Terrye answered completely during my consultation. I actually used her suggestions from the book as the basis for many of the questions I asked her. Feeling quite empowered and excited with Dr. Tebbetts as my choice for surgeon, I scheduled my in-person consultation and surgery for November 5 and 6, 2009. For those of you who want to know more about traveling from out of town for the 24 hour recovery procedure, you can find details on thebestbreast.com.

Most of my pre-op preparation (filling out paperwork, getting a mammogram and having blood work done) was done in my hometown. The day before my surgery, my husband and I drove to Dallas. I met with Dr. Tebbetts. I was incredibly pleased with him. He was welcoming and professional. I had the utmost confidence in his ability as a surgeon and his recommendation for my implant size. I had already decided what implant I would like, but I let the doctor decide (based upon his High Five
measuring system) what my body would allow. This is VERY important, ladies. Do your homework beforehand, but also respect what you bring to the surgery. You have to know your body and respect what your tissues will allow for implant size. As someone who could barely fill an A cup and didn’t
have a lot of stretch, how could I or why would I expect to have huge implants? Be realistic in your choices and your expectations.

My husband and I enjoyed our evening in Dallas, and I went in for surgery on Friday morning. It went very well. After surgery, I went back to my hotel and rested and followed my post-op instructions to a T (also VERY important). I was up and eating and taking my first 800 mg Motrin (no
narcotics – yay!) within 3 hours of surgery. I did my arm stretches every half hour, showered, got dressed, put on makeup and walked to dinner and back. I continued to do my exercises and take my medication as instructed for the remainder of the evening.

I had my follow-up visit with the nurse on Saturday morning. I felt great. The 4 hour drive back home caused me to get a little uncomfortable and tight, but we stopped every hour for me to stretch and do my exercises. When I got home, I did laundry and my normal household routine. On
Sunday, I drove to the grocery store and did other errands. 24 hour recovery is real. I was never “out of commission.” The only limitation is that I was not allowed to get my heart rate elevated (cardio) for 2 weeks and no lifting over 35 lbs for 3 weeks. However, daily walking (slow pace) and stretching exercises helped tremendously to keep me limber.

It has been almost 3 weeks since my surgery, and I love my breasts. They don’t quite feel like mine yet. The tightness, numbness and sensitivity (all quite tolerable, by the way) get better daily. I have emailed Terrye with questions (with a prompt response), called and asked questions (also a quick response) and relied on my book as a post-operative reference. I also exchanged email addresses with another patient who had surgery the same day as me, so we keep in touch. It’s nice to share and compare our experiences.

I am so pleased with the process, the surgery, the doctor and his staff and with my results. I definitely recommend “The Best Breast 2” for anyone considering breast augmentation. And I highly recommend Dr. Tebbetts as well.

– Angela

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WOW!!!!!!!! Thank you for the book!! I was completely blown away with all the information in the book. I knew there is a lot that goes into the surgery but I never imagined there was that much. It really boosts my confidence in you and Dr. Tebbets because you say it all there is nothing that is left out. Some women may reconsider having surgery after reading the book which could cause you to loose a patient and of course money. It is very obvious to me that the most important thing to you is that the patient completely understands what they are getting into because #1 it is surgery any surgery can be very unpredictable and #2 this is something they will have to live with. This book answered so many questions for me and really helped me fully understand everything that goes into pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery.

– MR (TX)

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Just a note to tell you that your book is “amazing” , I have learned so much from it.. It is so easy to read , as it is so “well written”…. Any woman can understand by the way you have written and laid this book out and get so many issues, questions and concerns about a BA.
I wish I had had your fist book …before I had that horrid surgery in 2005…. Boy, would I have had the questions! LOL The PS would have either gotten mad or thought” I can not get by this one with my medical jargon” ( as some do as you know) LOL …. any way just to Thank you again, so very much for sending it to me and to let you know what a fantastic book it is…. ALL women should have that book. In my honest opinion.

– Patty (TN)

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I flew over 1,300 miles to have this procedure done by this doctor and his staff. Like most people, I did research on what are the best options were on the Internet. I am a private person – wanted a low pain, successful quick procedure without the bruising and didn’t want anyone to know.

My husband gave me the The Best Breast book as a gift since I kept teasing that I wanted to have breast augmentation. We both read it several times. We would put it down for a while, but kept going back to it. The book is a valuable resource, I felt like it was talking to me and some how understood the questions in my mind. I trusted it as a resource. The Best Breast explained what to think about what should happen and most importantly, it helped me understand Dr. Tebbetts’ procedure.

Dr. Tebbetts has perfected a procedure that produces exactly the experience I was looking for – no bruising, bandages or drains – a 24 Hour Recovery®. In addition, the Best Breast was followed up research/papers which presented the evidence that there procedure was successful and produced these precise results.

My procedure was 100 % text book – everything they told me would happen about how I felt… did. I in turn followed their recommended exercise orders for a successful procedure. I went shopping at a mall the day of my procedure (after I went back to the hotel, took a nap and
shower – of course). I went to the Texas Stock Yards the day after my procedure – enjoyed a great margartia and Mexican food – then flew another 1,300 miles home- no problem. To my satisfaction there were no bruises – none – zero!

Our family went to a water park two weeks from my surgery date- (no I did not go in the water- I had to use the bad mommy excuse) but I looked marvelous in my new body that I secretly admire.

I feel more than fabulous and look phenomenal. Thank you to all that assisted with my procedure!

– Mary Brown

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Dear Terrye,

Everything is going well and I feel great. Things are going exactly as you predicted. Since I came back after surgery I have been trying to find words to describe my experience with Dr. Tebbetts. All I can say is that your team does ordinarily what is considered extraordinary and even impossible by some plastic surgeons. As a doctor and as a patient I am still amazed!! I have experienced in person 24 hour recovery after breast augmentation. I am one of many living proof that 24 hours recovery does exist! I was able to shower, raise my arms, go out for dinner the night of your surgery, with minimal discomfort just taking 800 mg ibuprofen. I hope I can find some way to thank you all.

Thank you!

– Mary P.

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Well, first let me say this choice was not an easy one. My breasts changed, (flattened), after early menopause. Never really had an issue with my small perky breasts before this unexpected event.

I sat on this for a period of time, thought OK this is normal aging I can take it, although living with the fact I could no longer wear any kind of properly fitting blouse without something stuffed into my bra!

I thought OK so be it. Well, as time went on I became frustrated with always having to wear these little pads, they are hot, and now I was always having hot flashes. Then I had to carefully pick tops that did not reveal them, and lastly putting on a bathing suit made me feel anxious worrying about them slipping out etc… So I started my research on the possibility of BA.I thought long and I thought hard. I am a single mother, and so really had to weigh the pros and cons on many levels. After many years of research, talking to any woman that had them, and visiting Nicole’s site for endless hours of reading and viewing I knew for me this was the path I needed to take.

I set out to meet with surgeons, and in the process learned so much about the fact that all surgeons are trained differently and bring to the table their own talents. They have different techniques and use different products. I had to know all the details to the nth degree for my comfort level. Everyone is different here. First bit of advice, honor your needs.

Second bit of advice, know what you want to create, because as I found out the outcome depends so much on the surgeon’s understanding of his craft.

I interviewed and listened to them all, saw their results and walked away feeling not on the same page. I knew what I wanted for me, for my body. No one I saw echoed back to me this same understanding.

In my local area, where I had resided before moving, there were a few surgeons with very good reputations and so I looked at their work and could see a lot of them were putting very large, fake looking breasts into all of their clients. They all looked the same, “a boob job look.” I did not want that at all, so thought I will wait and/or forget about it.

Life happened, money was needed for this or that and then I had an opportunity to move and chose to take advantage of it and got involved in relocating, new job, new school for my child etc… Well one day after a few months had gone by I was browsing in a used book store and happened upon a book titled “The Best Breast.” Boy, did that catch my eye!!! I thought I had let it go, but decided to take a gander and see what this man had to say.

The minute I opened the book I knew this man knew his craft. His understanding of the entire subject resonated with me completely, and through-out, once he explains a point he also says if you can not live with this possibility, or that, then DO NOT have a breast augmentation! He lets you know loud and clear he can only do what YOUR tissues dictate, nothing more. He brings to the table 30 plus years of experience in technique and a continuous thirst to be the best and to have the best outcome for his clients. He explains EVERY detail with clear, concise, comprehendible information, and backs it all up with statistics! Not one stone left unturned with this man.

I read his book from cover to cover and knew I wanted to make contact and see if this was too good to be true.

I called and was professionally responded to by his wife Terrye, who in her area is just as knowledgeable and no nonsense as her husband, how refreshing!

She answered my questions, sent me the new book, instructed me to read this as well, and be back in touch if I wanted to move forward.

I did. I knew I had found the RIGHT man for the job. Finally! It was going to be a reality!

ere we go! Once you decide, dates are discussed. I am an out-of-towner, so there are certain options here.

You meet with Dr. Tebbetts on Thursday and have your procedure done
on Friday, and then follow up on Saturday. Yes it is true 24 HOURs and you can drive and function with only Motrin for pain.

I took care of my needed blood work, mammography, etc… filled out paper-work, and from Arizona, got to Texas and settled into a recommendedhotel.

I heard from the Nurse Anesthetist the night before, who also told me, step by step, what would be happening to me the next day, and again patiently answered all my questions.

The next morning I got dropped off by taxi (came alone), was greeted by staff, taken to a small pre-op room, undressed, donned the OR garb and just as he said, the Nurse Anesthetist came and started my IV and let me know how long it would be before I went. Came back like clock-work and got me onto the OR table, gave me a pinch of a drug and then I awoke already dressed, IV out and was being instructed to take sips of soda. No headache, or nausea what-so-ever. I felt very tight of course and had only steri-strips to my op-sites.

I hired a nurse to come back to the hotel with me (mandatory if alone), although I was very functional. I felt fine in fact, ordered pizza upon returning, ate and two hours later started to do my exercises, took my shower, got dressed and went to the mall.

Of course tired, stayed up until 10, laid on my breasts…What? yes, I could, and went to sleep.

Stayed a few days post-op to make sure I was OK, drove to post-op appointment….all as should be, left and did some sight-seeing!

Flew out three days later and have been honoring their instructions…finished my Motrin, and doing my stretches, and nightly lying on them, and all is well. My steri-strips fell off at week two, and my incisions are healing as they should.

My breasts are firm, shiny, and a little asymmetrical as expected. The size, just perfect! and feeling like me more and more with each passing day!, SO………. the title…. “The Best Breast”Can this man claim this stake? YOU BET HE CAN!!!!!

I urge any woman considering this forever physically altering procedure to first please at least read this well written and researched work of Dr. Tebbett’s. He wants every woman to know the facts first.

He and his team will deliver what they say they are going to deliver with the utmost of care, professionalism, and expertise.

Do your homework, and follow your heart. Every woman knows what she
needs to do for herself, for her body.

I encourage all of you on this same path to take your time, and hope this information will facilitate the next person, as all these posting did for me.

The “Best Breast” to you! 🙂

Age: 48
Race/Color: Caucasian
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145 lbs.
Size: I went from an A cup to aB cup
Implant Manufacturer: Mentor
Implant Fill: Silicone
Implant Size: 275 cc’s,
Implant Profile: Regular
Implant Shape: Round
Implant Surface: Textured
Implant Placement: Under the muscle
Incision: Crease (inframammary)

– Avery

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I had breast augmentation 3 weeks ago and I wanted to share my experience. I had scheduled two prior consultations with other doctors which only left me confused and frustrated. They told me two completely different things. A friend had told me to get the book The Best Breast by John & Terrye Tebbetts and that changed everything! I emailed Terrye through this forum and she called me immediately and sent me the book the next day. The book covers everything. I believed in their philosophy. A natural looking breast and size that fits your body and a 24 hour return to normal activities after your surgery. This is no joke! After a telephone consultation with Terrye, I knew Dr. Tebbetts, would be doing my surgery.

What intrigued me the most was the 24 hour recovery. I was somewhat of a skeptic, but I’m here to tell you that it’s the only way to go!! My consultation was on Thursday and my surgery was the next morning which took 30 minutes. My husband took me back to our hotel for a 2 hour nap. I walked slowly but was able to open the car door, get in, and put my seatbelt on all by myself! It was hard getting in and out of bed but was able to all by myself. I slept well and took a shower when I got up. The shower feels great and I was able to wash my hair. I blew my hair, curled it, and applied my make up, I even dressed myself! We went to the mall and walked around. The more you move and do for yourself the faster your recovery is going to be. I was pretty “shot” after this and was ready to get back to the hotel.

The only pain medicine I had was 800 mg of Tylenol! Trust me I was worried if I would need some narcotics. I never did. I never felt a lot of pain, for me it was more of an uncomfortable feeling and extremely tight in my chest. Your homework is to raise your arms over your head every 30 minutes for 2 days. This I did slowly and it didn’t feel too bad. Also, you lie on your boobs for 15 minutes everyday for 2 months. Now this was a challenge, and did not feel good for the first 3 days!

We drove back home on Saturday morning. We were in the car for 3 hours. The ride was a little uncomfortable but tolerable. The first3 days are the hardest but I was amazed how I was able to do everything myself from the get go!

My boobs were a little swollen, very tight and little high after surgery. I didn’t have any bruising. There are no tubes for drainage. I had a little bandaid where the incision was below my breasts. My husband said he couldn’t believe how small and straight the incision was. The stitches dissolve on their own. You have no special bras or bandages to wear after surgery.

Week 1: I had new sensations in my chest; tingling, a tiny bit of stinging, a lot of tightness and my nipples were overly sensitive. (I prayed that I wouldn’t have nipple loss. God has a sense of humor!) I was able to drive my car.

Week 2: I was moving faster. When I had questions I referred back to The Best Breast book or would call Terrye or the gals in the office. They are really nice and helpful. I was able to start some cardio after the second week. YEAH! I walked fast and jogged slowed. It felt really good. I haven’t had any Tylenol for a few days now.

Week 3: I can start lifting weights again. I’m feeling better and better. My biggest issue right now is my nipples are still erect and very sensitive. They are sensitive to the touch, sometimes the sheets and certain clothes bother them. I’m told this will go away.I’m looking forward to feeling 100% normal again and buying my first unpadded bra!

My advice to anyone considering breast augmentation is to inform yourself, choose the right PS for you, and know the risks, after all it is surgery. I would strongly recommend finding a doctor who does the 24 hour recovery. There is no need to have a longer and more painful recovery. Watch the 24 hour recovery video on thebestbreast.com website. I was very happy with Dr. Tebbetts and his wife, Terrye; they have been in this business 30 years and know what they are talking about. I would be happy to further discuss my experience. You can get my phone number through Dr. Tebbetts office.

Age: 43
Race/Color: Caucasian
Children: 2.
2 breastfed
Height: 5’7″
Weight: 127 lbs.
Size: I went from an A cup to a C cup
Implant Fill: Silicone
Implant Size: 350 cc’s
Implant Profile: Regular
Implant Shape: Anatomical
Implant Surface: Textured
Implant Placement: Under the muscle
Incision: Crease (inframammary)

– Cheryl

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Everything feels really good! Piece of cake except for the eating after surgery!! I would definitely add the milkshake recommendation to the spouse’s/partner’s list of instructions. My throat was so dry I couldn’t swallow food without a mouth full of my drink. People are so amazed at my super quick recovery, they can’t get over it! Thanks so so much, the experience was wonderful and I would do it again in a second.

– JC (TX)

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The Best Breast2 is the source of information for women considering breast augmentation—the most in-depth source of insider information ever written. Regardless of how well informed a woman feels about breast augmentation, this book raises the bar, exposing important issues to provide women with a new powerful set of tools when considering augmentation.

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Hi, ladies,

I’m currently reading The Best Breast by Dr. John Tebbetts and Terry Tebbetts. Boy oh boy, do I wish I read this book before I had my first BA. It would have saved me my revisions! (Uggggh.)

There’s also a Best Breast website, bestbreast.com. I think it’s a really good resource for all the ladies out there who are wondering if there are any longterm issues that need to be considered if going very large, and how to make a balanced, informed decision, one that’s best for your and your tissues.
Let’s keep those tissues happy, ladies!

Best wishes to all!

– Chrissi

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John E. Sherman, M.D., FACS, New York

The Best Breast2 is the best consumer book about breast implants available. This edition features up-to-date information on changes and the range of implants currently available. Doctor Tebbetts supplies details of recent techniques that he has developed to allow each patient to rapidly recover. All questions are intelligently answered and the organization is superb—I recommend this book to all of my patients.

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Steve Teitelbaum, M.D., FACS, Los Angeles

No patient considering breast augmentation and no surgeon performing breast augmentation should be without The Best Breast2. Dr. Tebbetts’ methods and teaching provide me and my patients a whole other universe of education about breast augmentation, one in which to make rational choices for patients based upon their own tissues, enabling them to have natural and beautiful results with a minimum of complications and incredibly rapid recovery.

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The Elegant Texan

His passion for excellence and commitment to detail has brought Dr. Tebbetts’ patients the benefits of his surgical techniques. He suggests patients use this checklist he has created to evaluate whether a plastic surgery procedure measures up: reliability, predictability, safety, efficacy, and longevity.
He has mastered his art so that his patients walk away with minimal intrusion in their lives. It is no wonder he loves his work.
And with a little patient anonymity

I was very impressed with the concise factual information in your book. As a young woman of twenty, I had many unanswered questions about breast augmentation. The procedures available were explained clearly and I am now armed with important questions to ask perspective doctors.

— Joanna W., Santa Fe, NM

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I finished reading your book just in time for my first surgeon’s consultation. I was very disappointed and surprised by his insistence of doing everything exactly opposite of what you outlined in your book. Without this information, I very likely could have rushed into a decision that would have negatively affected the rest of my life.
— Erika B., Colorado

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I would really like to compliment the thoroughness of the information provided in both the book and the DVD. After reviewing the DVD and completing the worksheet, I was able to digest the information and make choices. Thank you for such an exceptional resource.
— Amie M.

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I didn’t expect my recovery to be this quick! After my surgery I followed your [post-op] directions, then we walked to the mall and shopped for a few hours. I had no pain and very little discomfort. I worked today and feel fine. Thanks to all of you, I felt completely informed and knew exactly what to expect. I am so happy with my results!

— Shannon M.

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The Best Breast2
The Ultimate Discriminating Women’s Guide To Breast Augmentation
Author: John B. Tebbetts, M.D., Terrye B. Tebbetts
Bisac Category: MEDICAL/Surgery/Plastic & Cosmetic
ISBN: 13 978-1-933285-77-1
Publisher: Brown Books Publishing Group, Dallas
Hardcover, $29.95 US, $36.95 CAN


John B. Tebbetts, M.D., Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dallas Plastic SurgeonRead more about Dr. Tebbetts’ Breast Augmentation 24 Hour Recovery®

The Best Breast

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, specializing in primary breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts has revolutionized the landscape of breast implant surgery through his 24 Hour Recovery® and High Five Measurement® System.

As a premier plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. John Tebbetts has an unmatched track record among breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Tebbetts developed the High Five Measurement® System which allows a woman’s body to choose breast implant size for her. His breast augmentation 24 Hour Recovery® has changed the way women expect to recover after breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ method means women can routinely have breast implant surgery in the morning and be out shopping the in afternoon.

Dr. John Tebbetts regularly produces breast augmentation video content. His practice blog, The Best Breast Blog, focuses on breast augmentation patient education. It is published weekly with the latest news about breast implants, both saline and silicone implants, and answers to the most frequently asked breast surgery related questions.

Dr. John Tebbetts is the only surgeon to have a proven zero percent reoperation rate in consecutive FDA PMA studies. View the results of his case studies and before and after breast implant photos on this website.

To have the best breast implants in Dallas, contact Dr. John B. Tebbetts’ office by calling (214)220-2712 or filling out a contact form.