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Recovery Experience from Alabama

I found out about Dr. Tebbetts through a friend of a friend who had her breast augmentation over a year ago and was very pleased with her results. When I started thinking very seriously about having a breast augmentation, I not only wasn’t sure if a BA was the right thing to do, much less to have the procedure done long distance and with a doctor I hadn’t met. I remembered hearing all the bad press about silicone when I was younger, and I was conflicted about what seemed like taking a risk with my body that didn’t outweigh the benefits.

I thought a phone call couldn’t hurt, and within minutes of calling not only did I discover that a long distance procedure from Alabama was completely doable – easy in fact – I could have a phone consultation to talk through my concerns and even Dr. Tebbetts’ book with all the information I could need about the procedure. I checked out Dr. Tebbetts’ website, and his before and after pictures got my attention. I felt his patients had exactly the kind of natural result I was looking for. His high five measurement approach made so much sense to me and took all the anxiety and guesswork out of the question of what size is right for me. I then had my phone consult with Terrye. Not only did she address all my concerns, she gave me a complete education on all the myths, the history, and the science behind the procedure. After that conversation, I had a strong gut feeling this was the right thing for me and that Dr. Tebbetts was the best doctor I could find.

Ultimately, I had to make sure I was making the right decision, and that I knew about all the risks and all the options. It was important to me that I really knew what I was doing to my body, now and long term. In the 6 months that followed between the initial consultation and the day of my surgery, I read the book, I did my research online, I spoke to friends who’d had the procedure themselves, and every bit of information confirmed my initial gut feeling about Dr. Tebbetts. I did make an appointment to see the best doctor in my area who was highly recommended by my girlfriends, and after just a few minutes in, I knew Dr. Tebbetts was a class apart. Basic questions such as “what size should I be”, “how long is recovery” and “what is your reoperation rate” made it a no-brainer that Dr. Tebbetts was the best. I also had an appointment scheduled to see another doctor in Atlanta who was ranked one of the best plastic surgeons in America in Delta Magazine. I actually cancelled the consult because after looking at his website and speaking to his staff it gave me all the information I needed to know he would not be better than Dr. Tebbetts. I didn’t want a doctor who did anything other than breast augmentations. As an attorney I’ve learned you can’t produce the best results if you don’t focus on one method and perfect it, so it made no sense to me to work with a doctor who performed all kinds of surgeries in addition to breast augmentation. And when I saw the before and afters, even my novice eye could see a big difference in the results.

The interesting thing is that not only is Dr. Tebbetts an excellent doctor, his entire staff is nothing short of professional, prompt, and completely supportive with anything I needed. In the months that followed, I was guided through the process, my questions were answered – several times over in fact (I was annoying). I found that the day of my surgery couldn’t come soon enough. It’s funny though because when I arrived in Dallas the day before my consultation, the gravity of what I was doing really sank in, and also the fact that I hadn’t met Dr. Tebbetts yet. It was a good thing that I remembered to bring his book with me, because it really did address all the fears I started to feel. And I decided, if I had doubts after meeting him I didn’t have to go through with it.

The next day I arrived for my consultation, and it was so good to meet Terrye and Kari in person. Once again I felt I was in such good hands and very supported. I was actually really nervous as I waited to meet Dr. Tebbetts. I had read some comments online that he was arrogant, and I mentioned this to my mom and she just said “the best doctors usually are.” I knew he was the best in the business, had pioneered innovations in implants and in surgery, had perfected it, had decades of experience, and a track record that was overwhelmingly better than his peers. Doctors with this type of background tend to be very condescending and difficult to deal with. I’d mentally prepared myself for this, worrying that he would be insensitive with me, and instead I met one of the most personable, sincere, confident, honest and talented doctors I’ve ever come across. After meeting Dr. Tebbetts, I really feel that the women who left that kind of feedback are doing us all a disservice. Especially those of us who are long distance and really have the Internet to go on when finding a doctor. Quite honestly, the results he said were attainable during that consult were more than I’d dared to hope for, and he absolutely delivered.

The day of my surgery, the whole staff was like a well oiled machine. I didn’t have to wait, I didn’t feel rushed, I wasn’t even nervous. I felt like I was in the best hands from start to finish. And to my astonishment, and my mother’s who was there to take care of me, the 24 hour recovery was absolutely right. Within 2 hours of my surgery I was talking on the phone, walking around my hotel and doing my arm raises. And every step of the way, I had instructions or a someone calling to check on me to see if I was OK and had any questions. I was worried whether flying back to Alabama the next day was a good idea, but not only did I have no problem at the airport, I even had the energy to sightsee around Dallas before my flight.

It’s been a little over a week now since I’ve had my surgery, and I am beyond happy with my results already. I would strongly encourage any woman considering a breast augmentation to see Dr. Tebbetts. Fly to Dallas and take the chance because it’s well worth it.

The Best Breast

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, specializing in primary breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts has revolutionized the landscape of breast implant surgery through his 24 Hour Recovery® and High Five Measurement® System.

As a premier plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. John Tebbetts has an unmatched track record among breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Tebbetts developed the High Five Measurement® System which allows a woman’s body to choose breast implant size for her. His breast augmentation 24 Hour Recovery® has changed the way women expect to recover after breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ method means women can routinely have breast implant surgery in the morning and be out shopping the in afternoon.

Dr. John Tebbetts regularly produces breast augmentation video content. His practice blog, The Best Breast Blog, focuses on breast augmentation patient education. It is published weekly with the latest news about breast implants, both saline and silicone implants, and answers to the most frequently asked breast surgery related questions.

Dr. John Tebbetts is the only surgeon to have a proven zero percent reoperation rate in consecutive FDA PMA studies. View the results of his case studies and before and after breast implant photos on this website.

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