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Recovery Experience from Oklahoma – 2

Dear Terrye,

I just have to tell you what happened while I was at work yesterday (just shy of four weeks post surgery). A coworker needed to get to a box that was stacked under a few others, each one weighed about 15 pounds. She said sort of shyly that she can’t lift anything right now and apologized and wondered if I could help her…so I gladly started moving the boxes. I asked if she was hurt. She was hesitant but told me that no, she wasn’t injured, but she’d had cosmetic surgery. 

I got a huge smile and asked what she’d had done, assuming correctly that it was a breast augmentation, and I said “me too!” Up until then I hadn’t told a soul at work that I’d had surgery…and no one had suspected a thing. I asked her when she’d done it and she said it had been five weeks – a whole week before me. We briefly swapped questions and she talked about how she felt like she’d never be able to lift anything again and was thinking about taking one of her narcotic pain pills because she was really hurting. I tried not to tell her too much about how fabulous I felt and that I haven’t even taken an Advil in weeks. She couldn’t believe I could lift heavy things and that I could maintain my busy travel schedule. She’d had to take two full weeks off work while I only had to take off the day of surgery…and flew home the next day!

In fact, I’ve been busy nonstop since my surgery and it hasn’t slowed me down. That afternoon, (after I’d showered, washed and dried my hair and put on my makeup) my mom and I went to Northpark and did some serious shopping. We took a break for a nice dinner and a glass of wine and then it was back to the dressing rooms. I was a little concerned with how heavy my suitcase would be with my new wardrobe in tow, but I had help getting my luggage out of the hotel and into the car the next morning, and DFW airport has great curbside check-in, so I never even had to touch my bag.

I was really on top of doing my stretches every 30 minutes until it was time to get on the plane. I was a little worried about how tight I might feel not being able to do arm raises for three hours, but I went into the bathroom a couple of times and just raised my arms as much as I could in such a small space and it felt really good to stretch out a bit. I could easily carry my big purse and my other small carry on getting on and off the plane, and my hubby met me at baggage claim to pick up the bigger suitcase. 

When I got home the night after surgery, we had company already awaiting my arrival – it was perfect because I didn’t have time to sit around! I got to play tour guide for a couple of days and did a lot of the driving myself. When they left, I worked a few days in my home office before hopping back on a plane for my next work trip. What’s funny is that the days I worked from home and was the most sedentary were the days I felt the most uncomfortable by the end. I’m a big believer now that it’s so important to keep moving!

By two weeks post-op I think I’d already been on a plane four times and not had a bit of trouble carrying my own bags or putting anything in the overhead bin. Other than the first trip home with my heavy suitcase after surgery, I traveled light enough that I didn’t have to ask for help at all. Last weekend we went to Disney World with our nieces and nephew and I even rode a couple of the easier rides, was on my feet all day and felt really good.

I will say that it’s not like it feels like nothing happened – I mean, I had surgery after all and there were days when I was extra sore or tired. But compared to what I know other women go through, I feel so lucky that I found Dr. Tebbetts. Being able to travel the day after surgery meant that I had access to the best surgeon out there even though I live more than a thousand miles away. It was SO worth the trip!

The Best Breast

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