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Recovery Experience from Oklahoma

Hello. I just wanted to check in with the office. Today is my six week point and I want to make sure I am good to move on without restrictions. I believe I can now….swim, tan, anything else? Can I wear an under-wire bra, or should I wait three months for that. Also, when would you like me to come back into the office for a follow up?

I also just wanted to tell you how wonderful everything has gone! I am still amazed that I had implant surgery and that it was only six weeks ago! I have had no problems at all. My kids didn’t even know that I had undergone major surgery. I was able to pick up the two year old right away and simply side tracked the question with my 3 and half year old. It was so easy! Both my husband and I are very pleased with the results! Dr. Tebbetts is a genius and so very talented. My scar is minimal and my size is perfect! I never imagined, in my last 15 years of life as I dreamed about a chest, that it would be this easy and perfect! I feel very blessed to have found you, Dr. Tebbetts, and the rest of the staff! I guess I should be thankful for Google as well, since it lead the way:) You all really are making dreams come true in the most realistic and natural way possible! I want to tell everyone about it….but then don’t want to reveal my secret to perfect strangers!

That is my summary. All is great, tightness almost gone, no pangs of pain. They look great and are starting to feel like mine!

The Best Breast

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, specializing in primary breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts has revolutionized the landscape of breast implant surgery through his 24 Hour Recovery® and High Five Measurement® System.

As a premier plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. John Tebbetts has an unmatched track record among breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Tebbetts developed the High Five Measurement® System which allows a woman’s body to choose breast implant size for her. His breast augmentation 24 Hour Recovery® has changed the way women expect to recover after breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ method means women can routinely have breast implant surgery in the morning and be out shopping the in afternoon.

Dr. John Tebbetts regularly produces breast augmentation video content. His practice blog, The Best Breast Blog, focuses on breast augmentation patient education. It is published weekly with the latest news about breast implants, both saline and silicone implants, and answers to the most frequently asked breast surgery related questions.

Dr. John Tebbetts is the only surgeon to have a proven zero percent reoperation rate in consecutive FDA PMA studies. View the results of his case studies and before and after breast implant photos on this website.

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