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Recovery Experience from Oregon

I am one of those gals that falls into the category of When Nature Misses a Beat, for those of you who have read “The Best Breast” book by Dr. John and Terrye Tebbetts. I never fully developed. It was as if my breasts started puberty and then stopped. So ever since I was a teenager, breast augmentation was always something I thought I may one day have.

When I was in my late 20s, I went to a plastic surgeon upon the recommendation of an aerobics instructor who obviously had implants. The doctor’s staff was very unprofessional, commenting on how small my breasts were. The doctor wasn’t much better, offering implants to stuff into my bra to determine what size I would like to be. Needless to say, I wasn’t sold on that surgeon. So I took to the internet to do some research and stumbled upon the book “The Best Breast.”

After reading that book in 2000, I decided that I would postpone having surgery. The book was very detailed, and I learned a great deal about the options available to me. However, for several reasons, I decided that I should probably wait. Fast forward nearly ten years. The desire for breasts to balance out my figure never went away, so I went back to the internet to see if there was an updated version of the book. Sure enough, there was a second edition. The book contained even more information than the first edition. But best of all, the options and the procedure had improved significantly since the publication of the first book. I read the book cover to cover and then went about trying to find a surgeon, armed with the interview tools from the book.

It didn’t take me long to realize that the 24 Hour Recovery and implant options I desired were not available in my area, so I called Dr. Tebbetts office. I already felt as if I knew him from his book and website. His staff was incredibly professional and polite. I scheduled my telephone interview with his co-author, patient educator and spouse, Terrye, for a couple weeks later. I already felt quite educated from reading the book, but I did have a rather long list of questions that Terrye answered completely during my consultation. I actually used her suggestions from the book as the basis for many of the questions I asked her. Feeling quite empowered and excited with Dr. Tebbetts as my choice for surgeon, I scheduled my in-person consultation and surgery for November 5 and 6, 2009.

Most of my pre-op preparation (filling out paperwork, getting a mammogram and having blood work done) was done in my hometown. The day before my surgery, my husband and I drove to Dallas. I met with Dr. Tebbetts. I was incredibly pleased with him. He was welcoming and professional. I had the utmost confidence in his ability as a surgeon and his recommendation for my implant size. I had already decided what implant I would like, but I let the doctor decide (based upon his Hi-Five measuring system) what my body would allow. This is VERY important, ladies. Do your homework beforehand, but also respect what you bring to the surgery. You have to know your body and respect what your tissues will allow for implant size. As someone who could barely fill an A cup and didn’t have a lot of stretch, how could I or why would I expect to have huge implants? Be realistic in your choices and your expectations.

My husband and I enjoyed our evening in Dallas, and I went in for surgery on Friday morning. It went very well. After surgery, I went back to my hotel and rested and followed my post-op instructions to a T (also VERY important). I was up and eating and taking my first 800 mg Motrin (no narcotics – yay!) within 3 hours of surgery. I did my arm stretches every half hour, showered, got dressed, put on makeup and walked to dinner and back. I continued to do my exercises and take my medication as instructed for the remainder of the evening.I had my follow-up visit with the nurse on Saturday morning. I felt great. The 4 hour drive back home caused me to get a little uncomfortable and tight, but we stopped every hour for me to stretch and do my exercises. When I got home, I did laundry and my normal household routine. On Sunday, I drove to the grocery store and did other errands. 24 hour recovery is real. I was never “out of commission.” The only limitation is that I was not allowed to get my heart rate elevated (cardio) for 2 weeks and no lifting over 35 lbs for 3 weeks. However, daily walking (slow pace) and stretching exercises helped tremendously to keep me limber.

It has been almost 3 weeks since my surgery, and I love my breasts. They don’t quite feel like mine yet. The tightness, numbness and sensitivity (all quite tolerable, by the way) get better daily. I have emailed Terrye with questions (with a prompt response), called and asked questions (also a quick response) and relied on my book as a post-operative reference. I also exchanged email addresses with another patient who had surgery the same day as me, so we keep in touch. It’s nice to share and compare our experiences.

I am so pleased with the process, the surgery, the doctor and his staff and with my results. I definitely recommend “The Best Breast 2” for anyone considering breast augmentation. And I highly recommend Dr. Tebbetts, as well.

The Best Breast

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, specializing in primary breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts has revolutionized the landscape of breast implant surgery through his 24 Hour Recovery® and High Five Measurement® System.

As a premier plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. John Tebbetts has an unmatched track record among breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Tebbetts developed the High Five Measurement® System which allows a woman’s body to choose breast implant size for her. His breast augmentation 24 Hour Recovery® has changed the way women expect to recover after breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ method means women can routinely have breast implant surgery in the morning and be out shopping the in afternoon.

Dr. John Tebbetts regularly produces breast augmentation video content. His practice blog, The Best Breast Blog, focuses on breast augmentation patient education. It is published weekly with the latest news about breast implants, both saline and silicone implants, and answers to the most frequently asked breast surgery related questions.

Dr. John Tebbetts is the only surgeon to have a proven zero percent reoperation rate in consecutive FDA PMA studies. View the results of his case studies and before and after breast implant photos on this website.

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