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Recovery Story From England

Dear Terrye and Kari

I hope you are both well!  Just wanted to get in touch and let you know how I’m doing. First of all I cannot believe that it has only been two weeks since I came to your office and actually met you in person!  I was so nervous but all of you made me feel very welcome and relaxed so thank you.  It is still incredibly surreal to me that I traveled to Dallas to have surgery, I still can’t quite believe I’ve done it!

After the surgery when I got back to my hotel we followed the rules to the letter!  I was woken up after sleeping for 2 hours (really didn’t want to but luckily my friend was following the rules!), ate a sandwich, drank a fizzy drink and then took my ibuprofen which was then followed with the first set of arm raises at which point I started to feel more awake and stopped wanting to go back to sleep!  I had showered and washed my hair by 4pm, and after your call Terrye I started doing the arm raises every 15 minutes instead of 30 while getting dressed and made up before leaving the hotel at 5pm.  We went out for dinner and drinks and I kept disappearing to the bathroom every 15 mins to do the arm raises (people must have thought I had a very weak bladder!) we walked around McKinney avenue and went to a couple of different places and didn’t go back to the hotel till late! Although I took a sleeping pill, I didn’t sleep great but think that was an adrenaline thing but the next day got up, showered and started my arm raises again before getting a cab to the office for my follow-up.  After that I walked back to my hotel The Fairmont, not at my usual fast pace but not bad and a fairly good distance!

The rest of Saturday was spent at one of the parks sampling the food trucks as well as resting as I was very tired and was struggling with the heat!  Not used to that kind of weather in London!! That evening though we took a cab to Deep Ellum and went out for dinner and drinks and watched the world go by!  And I kept doing my arm raises at every opportunity! I took a sleeping pill that night and slept much better.  We flew to Phoenix on Sunday morning, went to a baseball game and spent the next few days sightseeing and relaxing. I arrived back in London on Friday and was back to work on Monday.  I haven’t taken any sleeping pills since the day after surgery and just finished all my ibuprofen this week as I didn’t feel the need to take it three times a day after the first two days but made sure to take it at least once a day until they were all gone as instructed.  I completed the course of antibiotics too of course.

So far I have been having all kind of strange sensations and different areas are feeling tight and uncomfortable but I’m guessing that is all pretty normal, after all it’s only been two weeks.  Sometimes they feel like a sunburn that’s just been scratched, other times it’s like there is a ball of tightness inside one or both of them and sometimes the nipple sensitivity is really uncomfortable!!  At the moment the main tightness is just under the incisions in my rib cage and the sides of my rib cage under my arms still feel bruised.  I’m discovering muscles I never knew I had as certain movements cause discomfort! I drive a manual car and putting the car into reverse can be uncomfortable for example or using a hole-puncher!  There are also areas where it is still sort of numb.  Does all of that sound pretty normal?  My tapes are still on and not showing any signs of lifting off yet, should I remove them now?

Although I have only been wearing tank tops with support or bandeau tops since the surgery, as my period is due I’m feeling the need for more support so wearing a non-wired soft sports bra now.  I am also still doing arm raises as I just find them really helpful.

They don’t quite feel like mine yet but I am in love with them so far and apart from the sensations/discomfort hoping they don’t change too much!!

The Best Breast

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