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The People Behind 24 Hour Recovery®

Our Dallas Staff

Kari Riley, Office Manager and Patient Coordinator

Dallas Plastic Surgery

Mr. and Mrs. Brokl

Kari just recently became a Texan! She moved to Dallas in 2012 and joined our team shortly after arriving in the Lone Star State. Growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana, you have to wonder what, or should I say who, would lead a girl so far away from home…….well, his name is Troy, and the two were recently married! Congratulations you two!! Kari is an absolutely integral part of our practice and your care. She will probably be the first person you speak with on the phone and she will definitely be the person that guides you meticulously through the 24 Hour process. Having graduated from IU School of Medicine with a bachelor’s degree in Health Service Management, she walked into our office with a solid foundation allowing her to step right into caring for our patients. Now that she has been in her chair for a little while, she also has the breadth of knowledge specific to Dr. Tebbetts’ procedures to help you with any and every question you may have throughout your experience. She is extremely thoughtful, detail oriented and very caring. We are really lucky to have her as part of our team!

Betty Arnstine, RN

Plastic Surgery DallasWhen patients research a surgeon, rarely do they look deeply into the surgeon’s team or realize how important that team will be in their care and total experience. Dr. Tebbetts is extremely fortunate to have Nurse Betty on his team – and so are you! Betty grew up in Tennessee but thank goodness, she migrated to Texas for her graduate studies and accepted a position at Baylor medical center where she successfully and carefully ran Baylor’s emergency room for over 15 years. During her tenure at Baylor she met a young resident surgeon who struck her as someone who would be really different in his specialty – plastic surgery. The two kept in touch for years and when Dr. Tebbetts built his own surgery center and needed an RN to run the center – there was no doubt in his mind who he wanted that to be! Having been in the hustle and bustle of an ER for so long, would running a smaller, private surgery center be enough of a challenge for her? Thankfully, she said yes and we are so grateful to have her expertise and knowledge as part of our patient care. Betty will most likely be the person that draws your lab work if you live close by and she will certainly be the person that takes care of you the day of surgery. Being a southern girl, rest assured that Betty will always give you straightforward answers to your questions but most importantly, you get a nurse who truly cares!

Terrye Tebbetts, Patient Educator

Cosmetic Surgery DallasTerrye is one of the most knowledgeable women in the United States about breast augmentation from both the patient and surgeon’s perspectives. Twenty-three years of experience managing one of the world’s largest and most sophisticated breast augmentation practices has provided her the opportunity to follow more than patients through every step of the process. A superb communicator and educator, Terrye has developed and manages one of the most detailed, yet patient-friendly, programs for patient education.

Terrye is dedicated to what she believes: every woman deserves complete information and a wide range of options for her personal desires—to have the best breast. That is where the idea for writing The Best Breast books with her husband came from! Many years ago, she only had a handout on breast augmentation to work with and even at 28 pages, it just wasn’t enough information for women to truly make an informed decision. So she worked with Tebbetts to make The Best Breast book become a reality, giving patients an incredible foundation of knowledge with which they could make thoughtful, informed decisions.

Dallas Plastic SurgeonTerrye will be your patient educator and help you sort through all of the options and choices, answer all your preliminary questions and help you prepare for your visit with Dr. Tebbetts and your surgery. Planning and preparing carefully ahead of time will make the entire experience so much more enjoyable for you and your family! After surgery, patient education turns into patient support and Terrye and the entire staff will be there for you just as much after surgery as they will be before. Terrye always says, “We work hard to be sure that each patient knows and understands what we know – – because if something is a surprise, it is a problem!” But as you are living with and getting used to your new breasts, you are going to have questions. “I would much rather a patient call and ask me if something is normal than to sit and worry that it is not!”, says Terrye, clear communication is just as important after surgery as it is before!

Terrye is also the mother of an amazing teenage daughter, 4 dogs and too many horses and mules to count! If you want to derail your consult, just feel free to bring up any of these subjects and she will happily forget where she was in her dissertation about breast implants!

The OR Staff of Lemmon Avenue Surgery Center

Dallas TX Cosmetic SurgeryAbout 15 years ago, Dr. Tebbetts realized he needed to have a specialized surgery center to facilitate 24 Hour Recovery ® processes. You see, there is no one thing that is 24 Hour, it is a process of many things and many special people. Without these special people who live and breath 24 Hour, it could not happen. We are so very fortunate to have an incredible staff of nurses and CRNAs that have a depth of knowledge and experience so great in 24 Hour Recovery ® that they make it look absolutely effortless. Without this team, there could be no 24 Hour experience!

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dallas Plastic SurgeonMore Information on How to Travel to Dallas to Experience 24 Hour Recovery® with Dr. Tebbetts

The Best Breast

John B. Tebbetts, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas, specializing in primary breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts has revolutionized the landscape of breast implant surgery through his 24 Hour Recovery® and High Five Measurement® System.

As a premier plastic surgeon in Dallas, Dr. John Tebbetts has an unmatched track record among breast augmentation surgeons. Dr. Tebbetts developed the High Five Measurement® System which allows a woman’s body to choose breast implant size for her. His breast augmentation 24 Hour Recovery® has changed the way women expect to recover after breast augmentation. Dr. Tebbetts’ method means women can routinely have breast implant surgery in the morning and be out shopping the in afternoon.

Dr. John Tebbetts regularly produces breast augmentation video content. His practice blog, The Best Breast Blog, focuses on breast augmentation patient education. It is published weekly with the latest news about breast implants, both saline and silicone implants, and answers to the most frequently asked breast surgery related questions.

Dr. John Tebbetts is the only surgeon to have a proven zero percent reoperation rate in consecutive FDA PMA studies. View the results of his case studies and before and after breast implant photos on this website.

To have the best breast implants in Dallas, contact Dr. John B. Tebbetts’ office by calling (214)220-2712 or filling out a contact form.